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Showing the love of Jesus
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Aanii (Hello)

My name is Mike Peters

I have recently stepped aside from the pulpit after 41 years of Native ministry.  Even though I do not actively preach every Sunday, I maintain this website to help indigenous people learn what it means to be a follower of Jesus and be empowered by the Holy Spirit to live a daily life of victory.  I wish to encourage others to take up the mantle of leadership across Indian Land.


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What Is 4 Fires Ministries


   The main Indigenous nations in Michigan are the Odawa, Ojibway, and the Pottawatomi. When these three tibes came together for ceremony and council they would each bring a firestick from their home fire and build a common fire.  Eventually these tribes became know as the Three Fires People.

   Our passion is to build the knowledge and acceptance of the fire of the Holy Spirit to empower indigenous people to rise from hopelessness to a live a daily life of victory over bondages and addictions.  We bring a fourth fire to communities across North America - The Holy Spirit.



To dismantle barriers of misinformation and ignorance concerning the indigenous people of Turtle Island (North America), and present an alternative missiological approach that honors our culture, brings glory to God, and raise up indigenous leadership to carry the light of Jesus into their culture.  


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To bring empowerment, healing, and hope to Indigenous people through the redemption of our cultural for the glory of Creator and develop fully native followers of Jesus.


What if it's not true?

For over 400 years the indigenous people of North America have been told that in order to become a Christian and go to heaven we must forsake our way of life and accept the European way.  We were told that our sacred ways were not acceptable to God because they were pagan.  God hated our language; our dress; our songs; our dances and our worldviews.  But what if it's not true?  For generations missionaries have told us that we had to leave our culture behind and assimilate into theirs. What if that is a lie?  We have never been given the chance to invite Jesus into our culture to transform it like He has in every culture He has created. 4FM asks the question:  What would our indigenous culture look like if we invited Jesus into it, rather than us leaving it?

 Can we be both fully Native and fully Christian?  


Did You Know?

According to the 2020 census
there are over 6,790,000
Native American Indians in America?

According to

Assemblies of God
Global Missions

 “less than 1% of Native American Indians are
followers of Jesus.”

Baptist Press
July 12, 2016

 “About 90% of the Native Americans have minimal or no connection to Christianity.”

This means that over 6,000,000
Native American Indians living
in the United States
do not know Jesus
as personal Lord and Savior!

The mission field is not overseas, it's in our own backyard!