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Welcome to
Bibleway Indigenous Gathering

White Background

Bibleway is a study circle designed to meet the needs of indigenous people who desire to know the teachings of Creator and how to live as a Native follower of Jesus.  Our desire is to understand the words of  Creator as he meant them to be.  Bibleway fills a great need in our community for the Word of God to be taught by Native, through Native eyes. Time is taken to go beneath the layers of generational translations that have taken the Jewishness out of Creator's Word the Bible and seek to discover how indigenous Jesus really is.

As we study together we challenge ourselves to ask the question: "What would it look like if I applied Creator's Words to my life as an indigenous person?

Once we understand that Creator's Words were written by dark-skinned people from a Hebrew worldview we can break the generational lie that  "it's a white-man Jesus, a white-man Bible, and a white-man God."    

If you are looking for indigenous leadership that believes that the Bible is inerrant, infallible, Holy Spirit inspired Word of God; you've come to the right place!

Presenting a new teaching each week.

(Well, almost!)


This Weeks Study

Rev 19 - Teaching 34-Wedding Pt.3
00:00 / 18:15


Current Study

The End Of Time

End of Time Pt.25 Rev 17
00:00 / 19:23
End of Time Pt.26 - Rev 17
00:00 / 22:35
End of Time Pt.27 - Rev 17
00:00 / 33:12
End of Time Pt.28-Rev 17
00:00 / 28:36
End of Time Pt29 Rev 18:1-8
00:00 / 29:36
End of Time Pt.30 Rev 18
00:00 / 19:58
End of Time Pt.31 Rev.18:21-24
00:00 / 20:24
Rev 19 - Wedding Time! - Pt32
00:00 / 24:23
Rev 19 - teaching 33 Wedding Pt.2
00:00 / 20:04

Aanii, Listen to some of Mike's teachings

holy spirit 1Mike Peters
00:00 / 19:53
Holy Spirit 5Mike Peters
00:00 / 16:59
Holy Spirit 2Mike Peters
00:00 / 13:54
Holy Spirit 3Mike Peters
00:00 / 13:54
Holy Spirit 4Mike Peters
00:00 / 19:27
Holy Spirit 4 pt2Mike Peters
00:00 / 13:09

Let me know you are listening!

I'd love to know where you are from and if there are needs in your life that I can pray for.  Do you listen on a regulare basis?  How did you find me?

Thank you for listening!


Trinkets on Tree

Christmas 2022

Do You Have Resurrection Life?
00:00 / 21:57
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