BibleWay Indigenous Gathering is where we study Creator's Word, the Bible, from a contextual Native worldview.  We do not accept the myth that Christianity is the "White man's Jesus, White man's God and White man's Bible." 


We see the Bible as a collection of letters and narraitve's written by Hebrew people under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit who were brown like us and lived a way of life not so unlike our own.  In their story-telling we see a similarity in their Sacred Ways and our own ancestrial ways.  

Jesus was brown like us, had black hair like us, had dark eyes like us!  He saw and interacted with the world through an oriental (not occidental) mindset like we have (like all brown-skinned people have).  

Studying Creator's Word from a Hebrew cultural worldview makes it easier for us, as Indigenous people to understand the original meaning of the teachings of Jesus.


BibleWay Indigenous Gathering!

The Four Messianic Miracles

Miracle 1Artist Name
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Miracle 2Artist Name
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Miracle 3Artist Name
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Miracle 4Artist Name
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