About Us

4 FM was developed out of the realization that current missiology is not effective in reaching indigenous people in North America. For hundreds of years, Jesus has been presented to us wrapped in the western culture that forces us to leave our Native culture and accept their culture as the only way to Jesus.  We believe this is not true, that it is possible to redeem our culture for the glory of Creator and be followers of Jesus.   Fully native - fully Christan


The Odawa, Ojibway, and Pottawatomie are the three main tribal nations in Michigan.  These Native nations share a common Algonquin family tree.  At various times during the year, they would come together for meetings and ceremonies.  Each of them would bring a firestick and join them to make a unity fire.  In time they became known as the Three Fires People.

A primary part of our vision is to bring the fire of the Holy Spirit into the Three Fires nations thus our name, 4 Fires Ministries or 4FM.



To dismantle barriers of misinformation and ignorance concerning the indigenous people of Turtle Island (North America), and present an alternative missiological approach that honors our culture and brings glory to God!  

To bring empowerment, healing, and hope to Indigenous people through the redemption of our cultural for the glory of Creator. 



Did You Know?

According to the 2020 census
there are over 6,790,000
Native American Indians in America?

According to:

Assemblies of God
Global Missions

 “less than 1% of Native American Indians are
followers of Jesus.”

Baptist Press
July 12, 2016

 “About 90% of the Native Americans have minimal or no connection to Christianity.”

This means that over six million Native American Indians in the United States
do not follow the ways of Jesus!

78% of Native Americans do not live on reservations.

The mission field is not overseas, it's in our own backyard!

4 Fires' Bible study called "BibleWay Indigenous Gathering"

is the only Native American Christian gathering

in a 40 county area in Michigan.

4 Fires Ministries is a 501(C)(3) organization, all donations are tax deductible.