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The Odawa, Ojibway, and Pottawatomie are the three main tribal nations in Michigan.  These Native nations share a common Algonquin family tree.  At various times during the year, they would come together for meetings and ceremonies.  Each of them would bring a firestick and join them to make a unity fire.  In time they became known as the Three Fires People.

A primary part of our vision is to bring the fire of the Holy Spirit into the Three Fires nations thus our name, 4 Fires Ministries or 4FM.


Did You Know?

4 Fires' Bible study called "BibleWay Indigenous Gathering"

is the only Native American Christian gathering

in a 40 county area in Michigan.

4 Fires Ministries is a 501(C)(3) organization, all donations are tax deductible.

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   The main Indigenous nations in Michigan are the Odawa, Ojibway, and the Pottawatomi. When these three tibes came together for ceremony and council they would each bring a firestick from their home fire and build a common fire.  Eventually these tribes became know as the Three Fires People.

   Our passion is to build the knowledge and acceptance of the fire of the Holy Spirit to empower indigenous people to rise from hopelessness to a live a daily life of victory over bondages and addictions.  We bring a fourth fire to communities across North America - The Holy Spirit.



To dismantle barriers of misinformation and ignorance concerning the indigenous people of Turtle Island (North America), and present an alternative missiological approach that honors our culture, brings glory to God, and raise up indigenous leadership to carry the light of Jesus into their culture.  


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To bring empowerment, healing, and hope to Indigenous people through the redemption of our cultural for the glory of Creator and develop fully native followers of Jesus.

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