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PATHWAYS mission is to help people and churches deal with differences and healing the pain of racial and etinic disparities.

The fact is, we all have cultural roots that have pagan foundations.  All cultures have at some point in time, been transformed by the gospel message.  No culture can claim superority over another culture, but because of our sinful nature this is what is happening in the Body of Christ today.  This attitude of "We are the right ones," has led to the misunderstanding and misuse of Creator's Word and is a very destructive force.


Our roots, both church and family, are a powerful influence and are often unrecognized.  Yet it is these hidden roots that frequently cause people to misunderstand others who are "not like them."  Nevertheless, when we read Creator's Words we find that he values all people from all cultures, and invites all colors to be a part of his kingdom family.  

As a result, Scripture calls all followers of Jesus to overcome barriers of race, ethnicity, language and culture.  While our altimate allegiance must be to Christ, we cannot deny our own roots and those of others.  In our transformation into the Body of Christ we should celebrate the richness of diversity and commonality all cultures have in the family of God.


I pray my thoughts and teachings will help you take that first step on the path to healing.


Miigwetch - Ogimaw Mike 

Finding Healing and Reconciliation Through Jesus


Jews, Gentiles, and JesusMichael Peters
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Jesus the ClownMike Peters
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Jesus, the Path to Healing

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