The Indeginous Leadership Initiative includes the following:

•A rigorous nomination and selection process – To ensure that all local participants are people with demonstrated leadership potential.

•A learning community model – In addition to skills and values, participants learn how to support one another’s learning and how to pass it along to others.

•A practical curriculum – Balancing Core Values reinforcement with leading-edge skills training, all with a focus on real-life application.

•Intensive training – Two five-day national conferences; five two-day local workshops, and local dialogues and workshop Pre-Assignments between these events.

Toolkits – Unique follow-up resources designed to assist participants in sharing what they have learned at each training event with others who can benefit.

•Journaling – The opportunity for reflection and application of what the participant is learning throughout the program.

•Mentor support – Monthly two-hour meetings with a specially selected mentor to engage in deeper exploration of Core Values and other important issues.

•Breakthrough Plan – A final written Breakthrough Plan and presentation, through which participants receive feedback and support from their City Coordinators and fellow learners.