The Indeginous Leadership Initative (ILI) was created out of 38 years of Native ministry and in partnership with the DeVos Urban Leaership Initative. 

Indigenous Leadership Initiative (ILI) is designed to assist Natives and those with Native hearts to gain a clear sense of spiritual leadership in life and ministry so they can focus their energies on that which Creator has called them to do.

Our ancestors balanced their personal and community life through the instilling of Grandfather teachings.  These teaching’s brought moral and spiritual guidance that were lived everyday not just on Sunday.

Our six core values teach the importance of being one’s best as the necessary foundation for doing one’s best, both in your personal life and in the life of your ministry.

ILI believes that the teachings of purpose, character and clearly defined core values are critical for sustained, effective leadership.

Much like the Grandfather Teachings, core values are the code by which leaders guide those in their circle.

The six core values are:

  • Accountability: Effective leaders regularly seek feedback and guidance from trusted sources.

  • Balance: Effective leaders understand the importance of living a balanced life, concerned with the development of the whole person.

  • Interdependence: Effective leaders are effective collaborators, aware of the rich resources present in their organizations and communities.

  • Empowerment: Effective leaders recognize the importance of bringing out the best in others.

  • Leverage: Effective leaders know how to use the positive potential of change, knowing that seemingly small actions can have significant impact.

  • Resiliency: Effective leaders know how to respond to adversity and overcome negative situations in their lives.