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Sacred Life Coaching

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I'm Here For You!

Are you feeling stuck in life, unsure of where to turn or how to move forward? I am here to help. As a certified Sacred Life Coach, I am passionate about guiding my clients in creating their best lives. By providing support, accountability, and compassion, I help people overcome obstacles, find clarity, and reach their full potential. Taking a Native sacred approach to coaching, I look beyond just the surface level issues, helping clients address mind, body and spirit. If you are ready to transform your life and discover your true potential, contact me today.

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What Spiritual Life Coaching is.

  • It is sometimes Pastoral Care but less about comfort and more about challenge.

  • It is sometimes Counseling but is less about trying to understand your past and more about figuring out your future.

  • It is sometimes Teaching but is less about downloading information and more about helping you teach yourself.

  • It is sometimes Mentoring but is less about you trying to become more like me and more about me trying to help you become the best you.

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Is not so much about getting you to do what I want but what you want.

Is more about action and less about understanding.

Is not so much about motivating you as helping you motivate yourself.

Is client-directed most of the time and teacher directed only when necessary.

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What I will do

I will help you figure out what area of life to do change.

I will help you figure out how to do what you want to do.

I will help you do what you plan.

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