This page is designed to give you cultural background, insight,
and study outlines to help you teach the life of Jesus and the Bible.
Please feel free to adapt these resources to meet your needs.


Almost every indigenous tribe in the United States has some form of medicine wheel in their culture.  The majority use the same colors but maybe in a different pattern.  In my Eastern Woodland culture we also refer the medicine wheel as the Circle of Life.  

In our teachings a person is born at the beginning of the white. As they grow into their teen years they enter into the yellow. The young adult and adult life is represented by the red.  In our senior years we walk in the black.  When we cross over and start our journey in the spirit world the circle begins again, it never ends. 

As I teach the life of Jesus I have used the Circle of Life to divide his life and ministry into four colors.  My teaching starts in a garden and ends in a garden.  Note the circle below:

Story of a NewGarden


Story of the Garden

(Genesis 1-11)

Story of Israel

(Genesis 12-Malachi)

(Matthew - John)

Story of Jesus

(Acts -Jude)

Story of the Church


In describing the story of Creator's Word, the Bible, in terms of a Medicine Wheel or the Circle of Life I have found that it helps Natives visualize the order and flow of God's story.

This is just the start so please be patient with me as I transfer my teachings from paper to the website.  Miigwetch!

The Story of The Bible - Teaching Notes