About Us

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What Does 4 Fires Mean?

Since the 1600's three main tribes, the Ojibway, the Odawa, and the Pottawatomi have called Michigan "home."

These three tribes a very close in culture and language.  When they would gather each would bring a torch from their home fire and unite them in their tribal gathering.  In time they began to be spoken of as the "Three Fires People."

Our vision is to bring the fire of the Holy Spirit into our Native people, hence, 4 Fires.



To help indigenous people find their true value as both fully Native and followers of Jesus.



To offer not only a place for gathering, fellowship and relevant Native American worship, but to be a meaningful and redemptive ministry, while teaching about the Eastern Woodland culture of the old covenant, and acknowledging the Way, the Truth, and the Life in Christ of the new covenant.



We believe in the triune nature of the Creator, while continuing to redeem the traditions passed down to us from our ancestors that can be used to glorify Him.  Thus those who attend 4Fires may maintain their traditional ways of the old covenant while accepting the new covenant which empowers 4Fires.  We believe one may be Native American Indian and a follower of Jesus too.

Meet our founder and Ogimaw (spiritual leader), Mike Peters. He is an ordained minister with 37 years of Native ministry experience.