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As a man thinks in his heart, so is he. - Prov.23:7


Like most Native American's born in the city, I come from pretty humble beginnings.  Alcohol was a normal part of life and we didn't have a lot of friends.  Going to school in the late 50's was a lesson in survival.  Most every day the white kids would catch me, pin me against a tree, tear my clothes, put lipstick on my face and call me Crazy Horse and Cochise. The worst memory I have is the girls spitting in my face.  

School?  When I got to school the teacher would lock me in the coat closet and only let me out for lunch and recess.  I spent the whole 2nd grade in the dark, looking at all the white kids being taught and wondering why I could not be out there with them.  What had I done?  The teacher refused to teach me because I was an Indian.  


I may not have gone to boarding school but I am still a survivor.  My life is all about helping others overcome tags and labels to achieve Creator's best for their lives.  

Native to Native I am willing to walk with you as one who understands the pain of being Native American and finding peace in who Creator made me to be.


I am a positive thinker and love challenge and stability.  I actively persue projects that are bigger than myself that stretch my faith and trust.  I believe you are empowered to fulfill Creator's plan for your life, sometimes dig deep, learn and understand yourself  to achieve deeper fulfilment and real happiness.

I am straight talker, honest and professional and deliver my work to high standards. I am passionate about empowering others to achieve their best, studying Creator's Word, and believing Creator has only his best for your life. I've lived in Grand Rapids, Michigan all my life with my wife of 50 years, Pat, our two children, and 5 grandchildren. 


               With Warm Regards,

Facts about me:  I am a Little Traverse Bay Band Odawa citizen with a rich family history.  My family is one of the oldest Native American Indian families in Grand Rapids.  I am a Type 1 dibetic and love to walk.  I enjoy playing guitar and singing, working with my hands and doing a little beadwork when I have time.  I got my first job unloading railroad cars at 10 years old, directed a youth center for 27 years and have been an ordained Native pastor for 43 years. 


For 13 years i worked for the United States Dept. of Agriculture (U.S.D.A.) as the Native American Program Director and oversaw the U.S.D.A. Native program in seven states.  I sat on the Equal Employment Opportunity Committee and helped write the EEO Affirmative Action Plan assuring equal treatment for all races.  I was also trained as a Sexual Harassment Counselor-at-large for the continental United States and investigated sexual harassment allegations made within U.S.D.A.  For my superior work I was given the highest civilian award offered by the United States Department of Agriculture.

I was the Executive Director of Base Camp Urban Outreach, an urban youth center, for 27 years.   I have been an ordained pastor for 43 years and current direct a contextual Native American Indian outreach center called 4Fires Ministries. I also have a weekly audio podcast Bible study that I call Bibleway Indigenous Gathering.  

I graduated August 2, 2023 from Christian Leaders Institute as a fully certified Life Coach Minister. 

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